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Dinner tastiness

This weekend Brighton and I went down to Squalicum Bay downtown to the F/V Desire and picked up some wild caught Alaskan salmon. We returned with 1/4lb of smoked chum and 1.14lb of king (skin on). (around $25 total)

Having lived in Washington my whole life I enjoy all of the different types of salmon. Chum isn't a great cooking fish, but it's suitable for smoking just fine. The chum was really good! We could even see the grill marks in the skin from where it had sat on the smoking rack! Pink is another fish that's good smoked, and Sockeye is a good dual-purpose fish. It smokes really nicely (very firm and rich flavor), but is also good cooked over a fire or in the oven. King and Coho (silver) are the best for baking/fire cooking, but Coho is vital to the resident Orca population here in Puget Sound, so unless I personally know the fisherman, I try to stay away from it.

I just cooked up the king tonight and I'm eating it as I'm writing this entry. This fish is SO DELICIOUS! I think it tastes better because I know it's caught by a very small boat using very low impact fishing methods. We also made twice baked potatoes to go with the fish and they turned out also delicious. Used this recipe for the potatoes (bacon and cheddar), if you're curious. As far as the salmon, just put the fillet in a glass baking pan, covered it with Johnny's regular seasoning and salmon seasoning, put a few slices of butter on top of that, then baked it at 400 degrees for 40 minutes. If you don't have Johnny's, I suggest using salt/pepper with a little lemon dill. I don't like to season my salmon too much, preferring to enjoy the natural taste of the fish instead.

Of course, if all you can get is farmed Atlantic, I suppose you'd want to smother it with as many things to mask the taste as possible... I can't imagine not being able to get wild caught! FYI - I absolutely refuse to eat farmed salmon. I don't agree with the horrible environmental impacts fish farms have, but also the meat is absolutely disgusting! It's all squishy and grainy because the fish spend their whole lives in a tiny netted off area rather than swimming and using their muscles, so when it's time to eat them they're just flabby and gross.

Look how happy salmon makes this bear!

Crafting discoveries

I'm learning that it's hard to work on fursuit tails when I don't have the color fur that I need! Poor Brighton is going to be without stripes if we don't find that yellow fur!

Sewing is DONE

Just finished all of the hand sewing for Cascade/Keegan's arm-length paws. The claws are baked and out of the oven, but I need to pick up some E6000 tomorrow to glue them on. I'm going to color up his con badge before getting in bed tonight so I can laminate it tomorrow with some other badges I need to take care of.

I'm not a great artist, but I think the badge came out kinda cute. We'll see what Keegan thinks when he gets it.

We have come so far

This is the way things should be, and it totally made my day. Source here.

Awesome news

So that news I was talking about a few weeks ago...

Klickitat is officially a calendar girl! She's going to be featured as the main image for the month of May in the 2009 Fursuit Calendar.

Totally looking forward to getting my copies of the calendar in the next few weeks. They'll be available for purchase on Sofawolf Press' website.

So there is this awesome thing...

But I can't talk about it yet. Soon though, very soon!

Went fishing today, I caught 1 bite. Not one fish, just one that decided to nip at the spoon I was using on my tackle. Way to go for the end WITHOUT a hook! I would have done better trolling, but I didn't have a canoe at my disposal today. That'll probably be Monday when I have a chance to get out with a friend, perhaps Lake Terrell, though my tastes run more towards the salmon family than bass, but I hear bass put up a pretty good fight, so there's at least that.

Coho and Pink runs are starting soon, I need to get down to Whatcom Creek where it meets the bay and try to hook something for dinner. I'm getting a little tired of the frozen Sockeye that I keep having to thaw out, I'd like a chance to actually get something fresh.

Fursuits planned:
Kittitas the cougar (fur purchased, fleshing out character sheet)
Hiyu the beaver (fur purchased, fleshing out character sheet)
(secret name) gryphon (fur from SokiTwoPaw, design already finished)
Kennecott gryphon (most fur purchased, need character design)
Mome Rath the husky (head totally finished, tail started)
Brighton the malamute (head totally finished, feet started)
Trail Mix the Alaskan husky (to partner with matrices' Beef Jerky, but mine will be a red husky, head partially built, fur totally purchased)